Eastern Connecticut State University:
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CT Transit doesn’t offer a whole fleet of buses in Willimantic like it does in larger cities like Hartford, but students quickly become familiar with their #18 route. The most popular stop on eighteen is the city I just mentioned: good old Hartford. Students take the bus there for their internships, weekend activities, jobs, to visit friends, you name it. Some even live in the city or outside of it, and the bus weaves through the core of their neighborhood. If you live on campus or close by, you won’t have to worry about public or personal transportation--everything is very walkable and close-knit. Willimantic and Windham as a whole is an area I’d recommend to families because of its safety and friendliness. And I’ll tell you, college students seem to have a much higher tolerance for bad parts of town than families do, so it’s a no brainer that I’d suggest living here to them, too. Willimantic is a place where you’d want to stay after college and raise your kids in. In fact, many grads get a job nearby, in Hartford for example, and then stay in the same neighborhood. You’d probably want to transition from an apartment to a house, but who knows, it’s not uncommon in these times for families to live in rentals.


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