Pennsylvania College Of Technology:
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Thanks to the city’s downtown revitalization project that launched last decade, officials were able to accomplish two goals that don’t usually go hand-in-hand: they created a thriving business district, and lowered the city’s crime rate. As a city grows larger, it usually doesn’t grow safer, but in this case that’s what happened. Police established an authority through community stations and increased patrol, and as a result, Williamsport now has a crime rate that is safer than average for a city its size. Every August, hordes of young children and their parents invade Williamsport for the region’s largest event of the year: the Little League World Series. The city is the headquarters for the popular youth league, and hosts the sport’s international championship every year. Residents and PCT students support the event in droves along with fans, media, and participants; it’s always a celebration, not just on the fields but on the streets and in local establishments, too. Williamsport is a small city that can sometimes feel dull, but there’s no denying that the LLWS is one of the most exciting events around.


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