Wheaton College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Wheaton College

Wheaton’s public transportation is simple, easy to figure out, and effective. For getting around the local area, PACE buses are the best option. For out of town commuting, Chicago’s Meta Rail trains are perfect. This can apply to students who have an apartment or live at home in another suburb of the city, or to students who want to get in and out of Chicago. Fortunately, Wheaton’s campus is quite contained, so transportation to get around isn’t necessary. Commuting to campus is the tough part, but once you’re there your legs are all you need! Wheaton’s suburban setting opens up the opportunities for Chicago excursions, but students won’t have any problem finding things to do closer to campus. The Billy Graham Center Museum is one of the finest in the region, and right next door are the McCully and Bean Stadiums where the school’s sports teams play. For recreation, there are small parks nearby like Hoffman Park and large parks like the Northside Park. But on campus is where most students spend their free time, doing everything from partying late at night to sitting around outside with their friends on a sunny day.


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