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A Local Perspective

Like many of the smaller cities in New Jersey, Wayne feels very connected to the string of cities that stretches outward from Manhattan. Truth be told, there is only 20 miles between Wayne and the core of Manhattan. There are roughly 54,000 people who live in Wayne currently.

There is a large local University in Wayne. William Patterson University is more than 150 years old, and enrolls roughly 11,500 students every year. The city is located in a part of the country rich with history, and Wayne shares in some of this. During the revolution, George Washington lived in the area in the local Dey Mansion.

Finding a Wayne Apartment

When to search

Wayne can be a difficult place to find an apartment in. If you need a place in Wayne, your best option is to start looking as early as possible. A full three months is not totally out of the question as a reasonable length of time to conduct a search for an apartment in this city.

Staying in the know

When you look at the available housing in Wayne, you may realize that there area a lot of larger properties here. Sometimes, it is possible to get a much better living situation by getting several roommates and renting a larger suite or house than it is if you try to live alone. It is certainly worth exploring when you're checking out the rental options in the city.

Life in Wayne


New Jersey Transit busses run throughout the Wayne area. Three of those, the 744, 746 and 748 run directly to William Patterson University. If you're headed most frequently into New York or the University, public transit is a fine option. If you're more often headed away from the big cities into more remote areas, then having a car in Wayne could be advantageous.

Where to play

The Willowbrooke Mall is your typical large mall with anchor stores like Bloomingdales. Carrying on a proud New Jersey tradition, T-Bowl Lanes operates a bowling alley with a traditional arcade alongside it. There are several country clubs with high-end golfing in the area as well. For a large selection of both beer and wine, try the Greenhouse Café.