Catholic University of America:
A Local Perspective

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Like Howard, Gallaudet, and De Le Salle, CUA’s campus is on the outskirts of Washington DC. And like these other schools, the communities around CUA are safer than those you would find closer to the city. East and South Washington have a reputation for their crime--downtown did too, but has cleaned itself up in recent years. But as you go north you’ll find yourself in much safer neighborhoods. In fact, CUA’s campus, which is combined with the campuses of Holy Redeemer College and St. Paul’s, has one of the lowest crime rates out of any university in the area. Moving out into your own apartment doesn’t mean that students have to abandon the campus and ship off to a faraway neighborhood in Washington. CUA’s neighborhood is a nice place to live, and students usually try to stay close by in communities like University Heights, Edgewood, Woodridge, and North Michigan Park, to name a few places. This way, they’ll be able to walk or drive just a couple miles to class. The Brookland-CUA Metro station is also right on-campus, and functions as a stop on the subway’s red line.


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