Ivy Tech Community College:
A Local Perspective

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With no major roads like an interstate in Bloomington, traffic can get hairy sometimes. A lot of students don’t want to worry about dealing with that, or just want to commute cheaper, so they ride public transportation. Bloomington Transit is the largest provider in the area, and there are more niche services like the IU bus, a shuttle for the airport, and a car service for rides to Amtrak. Ivy Tech students ride Rural Transit, which runs through three counties and aims towards helping the school and its students with their commute. Regardless of where your point A and B are, there’s probably a local bus you can take to get there. The knock against community colleges having nothing to offer its students just isn’t accurate at all in Bloomington. Ivy Tech has a ton of great student clubs and orgs you can join, with new ones opening up every semester. You can even start your own if there’s an interest you have; odds are you’ll find someone who likes that subject, too. Bloomington has so many things to do thanks to all the schools and students here, from Ivy Tech to Indiana University to Jacobs. There are so many local venues for the kids, and plenty of awesome city events, like the traditional Little 500 race, for example.


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