Mohawk Valley Community College:
A Local Perspective

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Around 8,000 students attend the Utica Branch of MVCC. The vast majority of students are White, here, with 7,347 of 8,407 being White, and the next closest group being Black with 539 students, following by Hispanic at 292, and Asian at 173, and Native American last, with 56. The city of Utica has about 62,000 residents, who are 69% White, 15% Black, and 7% Asian, with about 10% of the population being Hispanic or Latino. Utica doesn’t exactly have a bumpin’ nightlife, though there are many bars. Nail Creek is well-liked, as is the Green Onion Pub. Celtic Harp has a lot of young people, and can get a little crowded. Space 26 is a chill lounge bar, and the Auburn is kind of a hole in the wall, but not so bad!


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