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A Local Perspective

Only Phoenix is larger than Tucson in Arizona. The city is located only 60 miles away from the border with Mexico, and was at one point actually controlled by that country. In the mid 1850s the United States acquired the land that included Tucson. Since then, it has grown to the metropolis of 520,000 that it is today.

Tucson has a large assortment of post-secondary schools within the city. The student population is an important part of the town's economy. A campus for Arizona State University can be found in Tucson, but the largest school here is the University of Arizona, the second largest in the state. Enrolment is typically over 36,000 students.

Finding a Tucson Apartment

When to search

Don't try looking for apartments in Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona, in what might be considered the dead of winter in more northern states. So many people from northern communities head to Arizona during the winter that the rental market becomes very tight. Look in the summer though, and you should have your pick of apartments.

Staying in the know

Remember when applying for apartments that not all landlords are created equal. Ask your landlord if they live in the building, or if they don't, who in the building is responsible for looking after it if something should go wrong. Landlords who can't give satisfactory answers to these types of questions might not be the type of people you want to deal with.

Tucson Neighborhoods

Life in Tucson


The Sun Tran system is probably the best way to navigate Tucson. Although many people drive, the lack of a comprehensive freeway system causes a lot of traffic conditions that are slow and frustrating. The city also has a lot of bike paths, but inexperienced riders need to be careful of the intense summer heat when riding.

Where to play

Natural beauty is readily available around Tucson. Sabino Canyon is a sight to behold, and the Saguaro National Park is a great place to see highly recognizable American cactus. The most popular dance club in town is probably Club Congress. If you just want to sit and have a drink, head down to 4th avenue and take your pick of the local pubs.