California Lutheran University:
A Local Perspective

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Thousand Oaks runs a public transportation service that can take CLU students to the local mall, nearby stores, and if they plan their location well enough, their off-campus apartment. Express buses provide early service for students getting to classes, but unfortunately they don’t run as late as students would hope. Bikes are also a popular mode of transportation, but the majority of students would tell you that cars (or a carpool with friends) are the best option for CLU. Thousand Oaks is just as peaceful of a community as the name suggests. Unfortunately, that means a lot of the nightlife opportunities for CLU students are limited. Aside from the local mall and movie theater, there isn’t much to do in Thousand Oaks when the stores close early and students are wandering outside of campus. Fortunately, its location in proximity to other cities opens up a lot of opportunities. Students can drive or use public transportation to get to Ventura, Los Angeles, or Santa Barbara. They also have a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities right next to them, whether it’s the Wildwood Regional Park on the western border of campus or the famous Southern California hills to the south of campus.


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