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A Local Perspective

Tampa, located on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, is home to just under 350,000 people. It is often lumped in with several other nearby cities to form the Tampa Bay area, which is home to more than 4 million people, and growing quickly. The city is a youthful, energetic and vibrant place to live.

Tampa's dramatic downtown (only Miami is home to more skyscrapers in Florida), its historic landmark buildings, and the truly massive Sunshine Skyway Bridge make for a city full of striking images. It is also home to an extremely large university. The University of South Florida has over 46,000 students, which makes it the 11th busiest school in the country.

Finding a Tampa Apartment

When to search

Tampa has enough vacant housing that there is really no terrible time to look for an apartment. However, a good tip is to start looking around mid-month whenever you decide to shop. This is when most of the newest listings start to appear, giving you first crack at new apartments hitting the market.

Staying in the know

Be as professional as possible when you apply for apartments in Tampa. This means showing up on time for interviews, conducting yourself politely and professionally, and filling out applications correctly and completely. These simple steps go a very long way to giving a landlord a positive impression of a prospective tenant.

Life in Tampa


Many people choose to drive in Tampa, but the city has a particularly bad traffic problem. If you don't enjoy sitting in traffic jams, the city has bus, streetcar and trolley service. Local routes have frequent stops that makes getting on and off close to your destinations a breeze.

Where to play

Make the circuit of the tourist attractions like Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium or the Tampa Museum of Art when you first get to town. To enjoy some great architecture, scenery, food and drink, Davis and Harbor Island are well worth a visit. Tampa also has a great professional sports presence in town. The Buccaneers of the NFL, the Lightning of the NHL and the Rays of the MLB are all worth seeing.