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College Park

A Tallahassee Neighborhood


College Park, a decidedly university-style neighborhood, is defined by FSU’s Wescott Fountain to the west and Martin Luther Kind Boulevard to the east, with Tennessee Street to the north and Pensacola Street to the south. College Avenue is a treasured part of town, known for offering spectacular views of campus and the surrounding area. This neighborhood is home to many beautiful sorority houses and student apartments, as well as the FSU College of Law. It also encompasses the Tennessee Strip, a stretch of student-choice bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues runs along Tennessee Street. Lovingly known as “The Strip,” FSU and FAMU students alike enjoying hitting these hot spots on weekends. Some students will partake in a ritual called the “Tennessee Waltz,” particularly on 21st birthdays, which involves hitting every single bar along The Strip in a single night. With this in mind, it’s obviously a popular area for both Greeks and off-campus students alike, particularly those looking to live near both campus life and nightlife.


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