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All Saints

A Tallahassee Neighborhood


All Saints is the hippest neighborhood in Tallahassee by far, boasting some of the most progressive attitudes and artiest locales in the city. Located just off Gaines Street, this district is only a stone’s throw away from Downtown. As you walk between one of the many galleries in the area on First Friday, you’ll enjoy the scent of farm-to-table food and the sounds of live music being played nearby. Railroad Square is a favorite hotspot in the area, housing many quaint galleries, artist studios, and small boutiques selling handmade goodies that you can’t find anywhere else. Be sure to catch the latest flick at the All Saints Cinema, a tiny indie theater nestled within an old railroad station and managed by the Tallahassee Film Society. It’s the perfect area for an art-loving student or those looking for something a little off beat. If you love living in a neighborhood that isn’t afraid to be alternative or a little edgy, then give All Saints a second look.


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