University Of Puget Sound:
A Local Perspective

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he University of Puget Sound is in Tacoma’s North End. The neighborhood isn’t especially known for one type of cuisine; I’d say its specialty is its variety. There are sushi bars, Italian restaurants, seafood spots, Asian fusion eateries, and many other types of foods. This is definitely a benefit of living in an urban area--you can let your foodie desires run wild and eat a different type of meal every weekend. If not in the North End than you definitely can in downtown Tacoma, which is walkable from campus. You will often hear people claim that Tacoma is part of Seattle, like it’s one of the city’s neighborhoods or something. But truthfully, Tacoma is a forty minute drive from downtown Seattle and two hours via public transit, and feels like a very different area. I suppose it’s officially part of the metropolitan area, and you can call it a suburb, but in my eyes it’s a totally different city. The two cities are connected by Interstate 5, which is the region’s main highway. If you’re a commuter, you will most likely have to take it, or one of its branch routes, like 16, 167, or 518.


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