Tacoma Community College:
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You have to give credit to Pierce Transit. Seattle isn’t as close to Tacoma as many incoming freshmen think (around 40 miles away), but PT runs a bus that directly connects the two cities. This is great on the weekends, and even better for students who live in either city or anywhere in between and don’t have a car to commute with. You can catch the bus in either downtown Tacoma or Lakewood. Public transportation still isn’t as popular as cars, but has made great strides compared to where it used to be with students a few years ago. The demographics of your college experience really varies depending on where you go. At a community school, you could have a class with teens from a local high school who are trying to get college credits, or adults in their forties who have been laid off and are trying to get a degree or certification for a new job, or are at the school for career development. This really changes the atmosphere of a classroom, but not negatively. I think it’s unique that there are representatives of different generations attending here, and it really adds a different perspective to classrooms and their discussions.


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