Lourdes College:
A Local Perspective

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Lourdes University is serviced by the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) in Sylvania, Ohio. TARTA offers three routes to campus (Routes 19T, 22M) and even has the Call-A-Ride option which is where you call ahead and the bus will come and pick you up, almost like a taxi. If you are disabled, TARTA offers a special service (Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service) that includes special vehicles to support your transportation needs. Sylvania is located in the midwestern state of Ohio, therefore summers are mild and winters are cold. The average temperature for January is 32 degrees and the average low is 18. However in July, the hottest month of the year, the average high temperature is 85 degrees and the low is 62. So it gets relatively cold in the Winter, but scorching hot during the Summer. Suppose that’s what living in the midwest is all about! Sylvania is also very cloudy, especially during the winter months. In December only 29% of the days had sunshine, how dreary!


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