University Of Wisconsin Superior:
A Local Perspective

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At the University of Wisconsin Superior, crime is not noticeably present. There are on average 2 forcible sex offenses every year, a handful of burglaries, and around 65 drug- and alcohol-related arrests. For a university of about 2800 students, this isn’t terribly bad, and students in general feel safe and secure on campus and in the residence halls. In Superior as a whole, the crime rate is very high considering the small population, though it is really just the City Center and South Superior that experience crime. Oliver, Itasca, and Superior Village are all safe, though Duluth would be a better place to live. Superior is becoming more and more run-down. Superior has one of the lowest rates of sex offenders, with only 3 in the entire city, but the rates of theft and burglary are very high. Superior has a fairly low cost of living compared to other local towns, and on average, has more inexpensive apartments and homes. One-bedrooms average around $600/month, two-bedrooms at $800/month, and three-bedrooms at $875. There are many townhouses available for rent, though Duluth has more rental options. At UW Superior, just about all freshman are required to live on campus. About 70% of students live off-campus.


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