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Staten Island

A Local Perspective

Staten Island NY
Although it is the smallest of the boroughs of New York City, State Island is still home to nearly half a million people. Staten Island is connected by bridge to both New Jersey and the rest of New York City. The Verrazano-Narrows bridge provides commuters with a direct path into Brooklyn. Staten Island is also home to one of the largest boardwalks in the world, something that is popular with tourists and locals.

Staten Island has been a haven for many of the artistically inclined that work in Manhattan but can no longer afford to live there. It also has a much different feel than the rest of the city, and people live a different type of lifestyle on the island. For instance, while more than half of the people living in the rest of NYC do not have cars, fewer than 20% of Staten Island households don't have at least one car.

Finding a Staten Island Apartment

When to search

Staten Island is easier to find an apartment in than Manhattan, but it still brings with it some of the apartment hunting difficulties people expect in NYC. In general, if you give yourself a month you should be able to find an apartment, but if you find that you're picky about accommodations, double that timespan to find something that you're truly happy with.

Staying in the know

When you're renting an apartment in NYC, including Staten Island, you will find that many people recommend working with a broker. While you can find an apartment without one, you may notice that the search is easier if you move through a broker. When dealing with an apartment broker however, beware of high-fees that may greatly inflate the cost of rent compared to what you might find in a no-fee apartment.

Life in Staten Island


As previously mentioned, driving on Staten Island is much more common than in the rest of NYC, and a car is a great way to get around the island itself. Although the bridge does provide a means of driving into Manhattan, most people find that to be more trouble than its worth, due to high traffic volume and the high cost of parking. There is a train on Staten Island, but it doesn't connect up with the NYC subway proper. Most people take the ferry to Manhattan, and then access the subway system.

Where to play

Staten Island is part of the city that never sleeps, and although it is off in its own corner of the city, it is still part of NYC. Many people head into the city on weekends to take in the best concerts and theatre in the world, as well as to enjoy unparalleled dining and drinking. Summer nights on the boardwalk are a Staten Island tradition. Soon, you will also be able to visit the giant New York Wheel that soars 360 feet above the city.

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