Missouri Western State University:
A Local Perspective

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Unless they meet certain criteria, all freshman have to live on-campus at MWSU. However, about 78% of students live off-campus, and 87% own cars. There are numerous one-bedrooms in St. Jo for less than $475/month. Two-bedrooms go for around $600/month, and three-bedrooms average around $800. It is definitely worth it to opt for roommates, or renting a townhouse or cottage, since that can be as inexpensive as $800/month for a four-bedroom. St. Jo is a pretty inexpensive place to live, especially if you split the rent with friends. St. Joseph has many options for nightlife. The Buffalo Bar is a dance club that can hold as many as 600 people, and has karaoke and live music. Foster’s is popular for its classier atmosphere and tasty martinis, and Hi-Ho is one of the busier bar & grills. There are numerous dive bars filled with locals, some of which are not quite friendly to tourists and college students. There are a couple movie theaters in St. Jo, also a casino, and a mini golf course. On-campus at MWSU, frats and sororities throw parties.


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