Ozarks Technical Community College:
A Local Perspective

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There are tons of places to eat in Springfield. Ocean Zen is a popular upscale restaurant for a cocktail and fancy entree. The Flame Steakhouse & Wine Bar is another option for upscale dining in Springfield. Cheddar’s is a fairly inexpensive family restaurant usually on a wait--and for good reason! Springfield Brewing Co is a pub with many brew options and pool tables upstairs. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere, and there are nice views of Springfield on the top level. There are so many restaurants in Springfield that a foodie will never be bored! This is good news for OTC students, since Cafe 101 is the only place to get food on campus, and some of its offerings are significantly better than others. Local restaurants are within walking distance of the OTC campus. Springfield is home to many activities and events. In Springfield you can mini golf, go bowling, visit the Dickerson Park Zoo, go to the movies at Campbell 16, go for a hike at the Nature Center, go for a tour through the Caverns, visit the 1984 arcade, and so much more. Kids love the Discovery Center, and adults enjoy the ghost tours at the haunted Pythian Castle. The Cardinals play baseball pretty near to the OTC campus, as well as parks to hang out at.


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