Springfield College:
A Local Perspective

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Springfield is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and was recently ranked #12 and #77 on lists of US cities with the highest crimes compiled by Business Insider and Neighborhood Scout, respectively. However, not all parts of the city are dangerous. If you go east of campus into areas like East Forest Park, Western New England University, and Upper Hill, you will find that they are safer. But if you go west of campus towards neighborhoods close to downtown, I would certainly be careful. You shouldn’t visit these places late at night, and should travel with friends. Springfield College is technically an urban campus, but the school feels like its own community. Many students are reluctant to venture off into the city, especially at night, because there are some unsafe areas. The school has plenty of activities available for these students, and most of them are sports-related. The majority of the student body is very active, and there’s an enormous, state of the art gym that they can use on campus. There are also plenty of intramural activities and club teams that they can join. Another sports-related activity is visiting the Basketball Hall of Fame, located in Springfield. If you aren’t into sports or are looking to spend a weekend away from the area, other cities in the state like Worcester and Boston are popular destinations for students.


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