Oakton Community College:
A Local Perspective

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Crime at the Des Plaines campus of OCC is somewhat rare. There are some thefts, and occasional assaults, and that’s about it. The area where OCC is located is not the most crime-free, but it’s not the worst either. The campus itself is constantly patrolled by officers and guards. Des Plaines is really safe too. According to one website, it’s safer than 64% of the United States, but it seems higher. The center of town has the highest crime rate, along with Lee and Miner St. The western half of Des Plaines is very safe in general. Des Plaines has a few questionable areas, but they are visibly questionable and you’ll know right away if it’s dangerous or not. Some of the most popular bars near Des Plaines are in Rosemont, like Shoeless Joe’s, or Mount Prospect, like Emerson’s Ale House. If you’re set on staying within the town borders, Ssaboo Hourglass is a good place to go late-night for heavy drinking. Then again, most of the bars are for that purpose, and you’d be in good company at Excueses or the Miner Street Tavern, which is open til 4am Thursday through Saturday. Lee Street Billiards is a fun divey bar to play pool that also has live music some nights. Cube is another local favorite, where you can drink, dance, and hear live music.


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