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A Local Perspective

Seattle has a unique flavor and culture that makes it feel like its own little planet. The residents of Seattle are justifiably proud of their city, and although it might have rainy skies, it is filled with some of the best sports, arts, and outdoor recreation anywhere. The city is so recognized as a great place to live, that at the time of this writing, the city of 650,000 was the fastest growing major city in the country.

The music scene in Seattle has given birth to greats in many genres. It was where certain jazz greats like Ray Charles got their start. Jimi Hendrix was born there, and the grunge movement in the 90s was centered on this musical mecca. There are many universities and colleges in town, with the most important being the University of Washington, often acclaimed as one of the better schools on the planet.
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Finding a Seattle Apartment

When to search

One thing that makes Seattle different from many cities is that you only have to give 20 days notice before you move out of an apartment. As a result, the 10th of any month is the absolute best time to look for an apartment. There will be a fresh crop of apartments every 10th.

Staying in the know

When you apply for an apartment in Seattle, apply for more than one at a time. Because rental availability has not been high for the last couple of years, you will find yourself in competition for most apartments that you're interested in. By applying for a few at the same time, you increase your odds of finding a place within your timeline.

Surrounding Neighborhoods


Public transportation in Seattle is among the best in the country, and you can save yourself a lot of money, not to mention frustration with the heavy traffic, if you leave the car at home and rely on transit instead. The Metro Transit system will get you anywhere you need to go within the city itself. Four other organizations also operate public transportation that connects Seattle with the surrounding areas, many of which have lines that also work for transportation within the city itself.

Where to play

If you love football, join the best fans in the league at a Seahawks game. Visiting the Space Needle is worthwhile at least once for everyone who lives in Seattle. Ocean entertainment is also ample, including day-cruises, whale watching and fishing expeditions. For some low-key entertainment, check out one of the many establishments serving locally brewed beer, as Seattle is one of the hotbeds of the micro-brewing movement in the country. Finally, coffee is what put Seattle on the map, and you can't walk more than a few blocks in most directions without finding a world-class coffee establishment.