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Let me in :)
My assistant - Nikki - found me two great places to tour while I packed. I can't believe this is free.
Julie M.
Apartment hunting sucks.
Let us do the hard work.
An average renter spends 40 hours searching for a new apartment. Seriously, 40 hours. Take back that time and have our experts search for you - you’ve got better things to do.
We search everywhere apartments are listed, including craigslist.
Most of the time ABODO has every apartment available in your city. But just in case, we’ll check all other websites to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.
Real Experts.
Personal Recommendations.
Our network of experts search and curate the best listings tailored specifically for you. Real people with real recommendations.
We match you with the right neighborhood.
Finding an apartment is more than just the building. Our local experts are familiar with the city you're interested in and can match your lifestyle with the right neighborhood.
Questions? We’ve got answers.
Is it a real person helping me?
Yes. You better believe it. It's a person running the show, but we do use human-assisted artificial intelligence to make the process faster and easier for our experts.
Is it really free?
Free for renters. Free for landlords. Free throughout the entire process. We make money through advertising on our website, not through broker or referral fees associated with this service.
Where do you search for apartments?
The short answer is: everywhere. ABODO's database is one of the largest online, but in case we're missing something, we'll search everything from craigslist to landlord's websites.
What if I don't like the options you sent me?
We'll keep tracking down places until we find you one you’ll love, or your money back. Ohwaitjustkidding, it's still free.