UTI of Illionis:
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The closer you get to Chicago, especially during Rush Hour, the worse traffic is. The areas immediately off of 355 can get slowed down. Instead of a 40-minute drive, commutes between GH and Chicago may take around an hour. Glendale is about a half hour from the nearest train stations so it would probably be quicker to stick with a car. Glendale Heights has a few popular bars, notably Shark City and Dino’s. The Sundown Inn, Avalanche Pub, Lounge Aria, and Hookah Lounge are also frequented by some. Slightly outside of GH is Bigby’s in Addison, which is small and relaxing, Anyway’s in Bloomingdale occasionally has a live DJ, and Brauerhouse in Lombard is known for its good food and rock’n’roll atmosphere. Chicago is about a 40-minute drive for those seeking more options for nightlife entertainment.


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