Contra Costa College:
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The on campus dining selection is pretty slim at CCC. There’s a Subway and a student-run restaurant called The Three Seasons. Both are great places to eat at if you have an hour or two of free time in between classes, but they will grow old quickly. Fortunately, if you look beyond CCC’s immediate campus there are a plethora of dining establishments in the area. You can eat at Thai restaurants like Blue Bay, Chinese restaurants like China Express, sushi spots like Tokyo, Italian restaurants like La Strada, or Indian restaurants like Bismallah. You probably won’t eat out every day, but when you do there are enough options around to keep you fed and satisfied.The warmest months of the year in San Pablo are usually August, September, and strangely enough, October. During “indian summers,” which are fairly common here, temperatures in the fall can be hotter than in the summer. In fact, because of the area’s Mediterranean climate, summers usually aren’t too hot. The highs are usually in the low to mid-70s F, and only reach the 80s and 90s on warmer days. November marks the beginning of the rainy season, which lasts until April. There’s usually no snow here in the winter, but always a lot of rain. Spring is a beautiful time of year, with temperatures in the 60s and a lot of sunshine.


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