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King William District

A San Antonio Neighborhood


The King William district is a historical neighborhood just south of downtown and could easily be called the artistic hub of San Antonio. Find a cool little gallery or working studio around every corner, along with a number of bars, restaurants, and cute thrift shops. The Blue Star Contemporary Art Center – right next door to the Blue Star Brewing Company – is the most popular contemporary art museum in the area, featuring over 20 exhibitions of both local and national artists a year. South Flores Street – known locally as “SoFlo” – is the center of nightlife and activity in southern San Antonio, featuring many unique art spaces and tasty restaurants. SoFlo truly comes alive every first Friday of the month, allowing locals to hop from gallery to gallery while listening to live music. Only a few minutes south, you can find Palo Alto College and Texas A&M University campuses. The majority of this neighborhood is highly walkable, garnering a Walk Score of 74. Though the cost of living in King William is slightly higher than other neighborhoods, it’s totally worth it to live right near the artsiest hot spots in San Antonio!


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