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Downtown San Antonio

A San Antonio Neighborhood


Downtown San Antonio is the lively urban center of this bustling city. It’s long been a popular tourist destination, home to both the Alamo and The Riverwalk, a pedestrian path winding along the San Antonio River that’s lined with restaurants, bars, and hotels. Generations of San Antonians know it as a place to play, but increasingly, it’s a place to live. In recent years the area has seen a major uptick in renters, attracted by newly renovated historic buildings and a bevy of new apartment and condo complexes. It’s now a convenient, vibrant part of the city, easily walkable and in close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops, museums, and some of the city’s major cultural and civic institutions, like The Majestic Theater, UTSA’s downtown campus, and the Central Library, affectionately called The Red Enchilada by locals because of its bright red paint and curved exterior.


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