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Queens NY
New York City has five boroughs and Queens is the largest of them all. It sits right next to Brooklyn. It is a large borough with approximately 2.3 million people calling it home. Queens is a very diversified area with approximately 48% of its residents from foreign descent. That's why you'll find a great mix of cultures with the two largest ethnic groups being Latin American and Asian. Queens has a humid subtropical climate and gets ample rainfall each year. Queens has so much life and it's represented in every corner of the borough. While Queens is a part of New York City; it is a mesmerizing place all on its own.

Finding a Queens Apartment

When to search

When looking for an apartment in Queens there is generally plenty of openings throughout the year. However it's best to look for a place in early spring or early fall before the busy seasons for apartment hunters gets started. You may want to do some research on the various neighborhoods so you can decide which areas you want to look into.

Staying in the know

Queens is constantly growing by leaps and bounds. Every year numerous people are coming to the area to look for a place to call home. Research the area you want to live so you can compare rental prices. Getting the unit you want means getting the paperwork in with money in hand. Landlords are used to tenants coming and going to they like to keep their properties filled.

Life in Queens


Queens is not the city you want to be in without a vehicle. It is such a large area it is virtually impossible to get around without your own mode of transportation. The city does have public transportation. Check out their webpage at to find out about schedules, fares, tolls, etc.

Where to play

There is so much to see and do in Queens it will take you months to possibly do it all maybe even a year. Jackson Heights offer a culture rich area with food options galore. Street vendors are common place in this area and offer a wide selection of tasty delectable items. The Long Island area of Queens has an amazing skyline, a wide variety of art and cultural items as well a beautiful waterfront. There are so many facets to Queens you'll simply have to get out and explore.

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