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According to the ASPCA, housing is one of the main reasons people rehome their pets, whether it’s due to a lack of space or issues with the property manager. If you’re planning to adopt, use ABODO’s cat and dog filters to quickly sift through the largest inventory of pet-friendly housing.

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Pet Rescue Organizations

Pairing a pet-friendly apartment with a thoughtfully selected breed can ensure years of happiness for you and your favorite furry roommate. But carefully choosing a pet that will thrive in your apartment doesn’t mean you have to go to a breeder or a pet store.

Every year thousands of cats & dogs are euthanized because they don't have a home. ABODO actively supports pet rescue organizations throughout the country. If you're considering a new pet, please contact a local shelter, rescue or a reputable breeder before going to a pet store. Cats & Dogs of all varieties and ages are always available for adoption.

Rescue organizations around the country are seeking homes for a wide variety of cat and dog breeds that would make a wonderful, loving addition to your renting household.

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