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Oswego NY
Found on the south shore of Lake Ontario, Oswego is a small New York town with just under 20,000 citizens. The State University of New York at Oswego enjoys a scenic lakeshore view, and produces graduates from more than 100 different programs, including illustrious alumni like Jerry Seinfeld.

Finding an apartment in Oswego is not too difficult, but like many college cities, timing will be everything. If you keep a few of these pointers in mind before you start your hunt, you should find yourself emerging ahead of the competition and be able to get yourself one of the premiere accommodations available in town.

Finding an Oswego Apartment

When to search

If you're looking to move into Oswego in the fall, you should start putting out feelers in he spring. Once the snow melts, many people are moving out of town, but others are also starting to flow in. You don't want to wait to long, or more motivated apartment hunters will get their applications in before you do.

Staying in the know

Finding an apartment in Oswego can be tricky, and making a good first impression is everything. Don't roll in at the last minute looking for a place or you could put off prospective landlords. Instead, do your homework, ask good questions and get your landlords convinced that you're a serious person who will take good care of an apartment.

Life in Oswego


At just 20,000 people, Oswego doesn't have a lot in the way of public transportation. Most people are self-reliant for getting themselves around. However, there is good bus service that connects Oswego to the nearby towns and cities. Oswego also has a Zipcar service, so people who are members can access a car when needed without owning one

Where to play

Oswego has a couple of museums that are well worth checking out. The H. Lee White Marine Museum gives a glimpse into local lore, and Fort Ontario is a wonderfully preserved piece of history. With Toronto and New York City both being roughly 4 hours away, residents have good access to two of the globe's most impressive cities, and many take advantage of this when holidays roll around.

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