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A Local Perspective

Orono is a historic small town of approximately 10,000 citizens in Maine. The city is approaching the 250th anniversary of its founding, and has a number of historic buildings that display the city's heritage. The Stillwater River bisects the town. Some of the town sits on Marsh Island.

One of the primary points of interest in Orono is the University of Maine. This is a public school that was founded in 1865, and has more than 11,000 students. It is Maine's largest university, and the only officially classified research institution in the state. It is also an important employing body in Orono, with more than 700 academic staff alone.

Finding an Orono Apartment

When to search

Orono is home to more students than it is citizens. Students occupy many of the rental properties in town, and the greatest number of apartments become available when students graduate and move on to other locations and endeavors. Look in May and June to take advantage of this effect.

Staying in the know

If you've never rented in Orono before, it will be especially important to provide strong rental references from your previous city. If you're a new renter, you'll need to have another reason to convince a landlord to rent to you. Being enrolled in a local school, or a letter confirming your employment with a company based in Orono are good ways to do this.

Life in Orono


The town of Orono is served by the Black Bear Orono Express during the school year. This helps ferry students to and from the University of Maine. During the rest of the year, the small town is perfectly walkable, although many people choose to drive during the winter.

Where to play

One of the best forms of entertainment in Orono is watching the University of Maine Black Bears play in the many different sports they compete in. The Black Bear Brewery is the local microbrewery, and it has a wide selection of local beers. There are also many walking and cycling trails that offer beautiful, winding river views that showcase the natural beauty of Maine.