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Orange Beach:
A Local Perspective

Orange Beach is a small town in Alabama that nearly 5,500 people call home. It is a beautiful southern beach town, with many of the amenities that that implies. While the residents who live here certainly enjoy it, Orange Beach also receives its share of vacationers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy a beautiful beach side vacation.

Orange Beach is the headquarters for a private online University. Although Columbia Southern University offers its classes online, it employs more than 1000 staff on its campuses in Orange Beach. The University is an important employer in the area, and provides distance education services that offer affordable education options to more than 20,000 students across the country.

Finding an Orange Beach Apartment

When to search

Orange Beach is a true small town. This means that there aren't very many rental apartments available within its boundaries. It is not excessive at all to give yourself two to three months to find a place here. Sometimes, rental apartments may even have waiting lists, which you should add yourself to if your hunt doesn't yield results right away.

Staying in the know

Spend a little bit of time in town before you start throwing out applications for apartments in Orange Beach. This is a small town, and the locals want to be careful who they invite in to their homes. If you get familiar with the town, you'll have some common ground when talking with the landlords and will get off on the right foot.

Life in Orange Beach


Orange Beach is an easy small town to navigate. Even if you restrict yourself to walking you'll be able to easily get between the most common places you're likely to need to go. If you do need to get a bit further afield, a car will be necessary though.

Where to play

Orange Beach is near Fort Morgan, which has been the site of a military establishment of some kind for more than 500 years. The site is open to tourists. Of course, the largest attractions in Orange Beach are the beaches. There are several with accessible parking lots, or you can set off on foot for a bit more privacy at one of the many beaches only accessible to pedestrians. If you like to fish, there are charter craft available to head out fishing expeditions as well.