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A Local Perspective

Omaha is home to approximately 408,000 people, making it the most populous city in Nebraska by a significant margin. Five Fortune 500 companies are based out of Omaha, but the most well known by far is Berkshire Hathaway. This is the company of Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. He has for decades carried a nickname based on his hometown, as many refer to him as the "Oracle of Omaha."

Omaha is a very diverse city, and people in almost any industry stand a chance of building a thriving career there. The city has been steadily developing into a city with all the hallmarks of a major center, including an ever-increasing skyline, and the construction of large facilities such as the Holland Performing Arts Center, which was opened ten years ago.

Omaha NE

Finding an Omaha Apartment

When to search

Omaha has many more vacant apartments than most places around the country. This gives you some flexibility as a prospective renter, because you don't have to time your search just to have a chance of finding a good place. At any time of year, you should be able to find a decent apartment in Omaha in less than six weeks.

How to Search

Finding an apartment can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. Adding a filter can help narrow your search. With our Quick Filters below, you can search by a price and amenities. After following one of these links, be sure to check out the advanced search filters and then sign up for an Email Alert so you can receive new listings that match your needs.

Staying in the know

Omaha landlords are usually very eager to try and fill their vacant apartments. As a result, in some ways you may have the upper hand when looking for an apartment. Don't be afraid to try and negotiate a little bit when moving in, as you may find landlords more flexible than you expect.

Life in Omaha


Omaha is a great city for cycling, with bike lanes and paths cutting through a lot of the city. However, the constant elevation changes can be difficult if you're new to cycling. If you need to get around quickly, the Metro Area transit service provides excellent local bus service.

Where to play

Omaha is a cultural hotbed, with several great museums, including Love's Jazz and Art Center, and the Joslyn Art Museum. Beautiful parks also abound, such as the Gene Leahy Mall and the Heartland of America Park. The Old Market is a beautiful taste of the old world, complete with a farmers market in the summer. The Crescent Moon is a German beer bar, and the Lemon Drop is a more quintessential American bar with pool tables and music.