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Notre Dame

A Local Perspective

Notre Dame IN
Notre Dame is both the name of the University and the town site that surrounds it in Indiana. The town itself is quite small in comparison to the large school that it supports. Right around 6,000 people live in the town of Notre Dame, but closer to 12,000 attend the University of Notre Dame. Saint Mary's College and Holy Cross College are also located in the area.

The town of Notre Dame isn't even officially incorporated, which means there is no local government to speak of. Instead, the University fulfills many of the tasks that would normally be fulfilled by a local government instead. For example, the police force and fire department are supplied by the University of Notre Dame rather than the by the town administration.

Finding a Notre Dame Apartment

When to search

There is only a limited amount of rental housing in Notre Dame, and vacancies strictly follow the school year. If you want to shop, April and May are really the only times to look where you will gain any sort of an edge. Shopping at any other time of year will require a more atypical circumstance in order to find vacant apartments.

Staying in the know

Landlords are going to expect that you're affiliated with the University when you're moving to Notre Dame. Be prepared to answer some questions, either formally on an application or informally, that relate to what you're doing at school. Landlords might want to know what year you're going into, whether you're on a scholarship, if you're an athlete, or other similar questions.

Life in Notre Dame


Public transportation is offered both by the University itself, and by SWEEP. SWEEP operates routes throughout the area, and through the connection to Notre Dame you can get almost anywhere you might want to. There are also free shuttles operated by the University for navigating the large grounds. The University also has golf cart and car rental services.

Where to play

Everything here centers on University life, so the entertainment does as well. Watching the Fighting Irish compete is probably the most popular of all past times with the locals. For those new to town, touring the beautiful campus itself can be very enjoyable. If you're looking for a drink, you should head into nearby South Bend, where there are a variety of popular local pubs.

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