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North Dartmouth

A Local Perspective

North Dartmouth MA
North Dartmouth is one of the two halves of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It should come as no surprise that the other half is known as South Dartmouth. Combined, the two halves make up a city with a population of roughly 34,000 people. Roughly two thirds of the total Dartmouth population reside in North Dartmouth.

The north half of the city is also home to much of the commercial presence in the city, including the big box stores and the majority of the dining options. Overall, the entire city is an extremely affluent community, with the average citizen averaging an income much higher than the national norms. The city is also home to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Finding a North Dartmouth Apartment

When to search

Spring is the best time to break out the for-rent ads and look for an apartment in North Dartmouth. April, May and June are the times when the most apartments come up for rent. The earlier you start looking in this period, the less competition you're likely to face.

Staying in the know

Making a good impression on a landlord is about more than just your interview. When you're given an application to fill out, treat it as seriously as you would a job application. Be neat, thorough, and truthful in all aspects of your application. If you're not, it will reflect badly on you when the landlord is trying to make a decision.

Life in North Dartmouth


Driving is certainly the most convenient way to get around Dartmouth and the surrounding area. However, you can also take advantage of the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority bus system. Students at UMass can also utilize the on-campus shuttles that help ferry students around the University grounds.

Where to play

There are several good public golf courses such as Cityview Golfland in and around Dartmouth. If you enjoy wine, a trip out to the Running Brook Vineyard & Winery is well worth the time. Local restaurants like Jimmy's Pizza and Ayur-Shri are popular with long-time residents and newcomers alike.

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