Touro College:
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The public transit in NYC is one of the most comprehensive in the US. More than 50% of residents of NYC do not own a car, and in Manhattan, over 75% do not own a car. The Grand Central Terminal is one of the biggest and busiest train stations in the nation. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, provides public transit via subway, bus, and rail. Both the NY Port Authority and NJ Port Authority also operate public transit in and out of NYC. New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, the Tramway, Ferry, and numerous taxi systems, are just a few of the other transportation options that residents and commuters of NYC can utilize. Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine has around 500 students enrolled. Touro College’s student body is 43% White, 32% Asian, 9% Hispanic, 7% Black, 1% Indian, and 1% Indonesian. About 55% of students are Female, and 45% are male. On average, students are about 24 years old.


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