Fashion Institute of Technology:
A Local Perspective

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FIT is right near Chelsea, where there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. The HIT Korean Food & Deli is a lesser known restaurant where you can get a great lunch deal. Sergimmo Salumeria has delicious Italian food, and everybody loves Halal Food Carts for great ethnic food. Le Bernardin is a favorite for a quiet romantic dinner, but if you want some fast pizza, try Merilu Pizza Al Metro. The FIT Dining Hall, Express, and Starbucks on campus are not quite what the students are looking for, and most report that the options are limited and the prices are too high. Near Chelsea, there are many apartments. In this neighborhood, prices are very expensive. Studios start at about $1700/month. The Garment District has studios that are similarly priced, though there are some around $1600/month, as well. Midtown has slightly more reasonable prices, with studios available that are around $1200/month. With nearly ¾ of students living off campus, many opt to commute from out of the city to save money.


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