CUNY Laguardia Community College:
A Local Perspective

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There’s a reason why 55% of NYC residents use public transit in their everyday commute: there’s a stop at every block, its operating hours are extensive (great for students), and it makes getting around a huge city manageable. CUNY LaGuardia’s connected to the transportation grid through two subway lines--the G and 7 trains. The 7 on 33 Street is just a five minute walk from the school, and the G at the Long Island City-Court Square station is a ten minute walk. Students who go here don’t even have to live in the same borough, they can just hop on the subway anywhere in the city, and once they learn the system they’ll be able to navigate there fairly easily. CUNY LaGuardia’s size lives up to the city’s “Big Apple” nickname. Its enrollment is at almost 18,000 and is only a two year school, so roughly there’s around 9,000 students in each class year. But it may be a little less, as a small number of students (four percent) are there seeking certificates. But the other 96 percent are pursuing degrees in over 50 majors. Its enrollment size makes it the third largest in the CUNY circuit, and it’s arguably the most diverse, as over 150 countries and 120 languages are represented.


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