SUNY New Paltz:
A Local Perspective

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New Paltz offers a Loop Bus that travels in a loop around town, making stops at SUNY in 4 different locations. One at HAB Circle at Rt 32, Southside Loop at Huguenot Ct, South Rd at Hawk Dr, and Southside Loop at South Rd. There isn’t any Saturday or Sunday service, so keep that in mind. The bus makes stop at various intervals throughout the day, which end around 10pm on the weekdays. The campus also offers tickets on Trailways buses which can take you to NYC, White Plains, Albany and Canada. New Paltz, New York is a town with varying temperatures. It can get very cold in the winter, but pretty warm in the Summer. Highest temperatures in the summer can reach 83 degrees on average, however records have zoomed up to 100 degrees. On the other side of the spectrum, in the winter, record lows have gotten down to a blistering -27 degrees! Talk about cold! The average snowfall isn’t too bad since the town is in the lowlands, it hovers around 21 inches of snowfall a year. Unfortunately the number of rain days outnumber the average of clear days.


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