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A Local Perspective

Nashville is famous for being the beating heart at the center of the country music industry. The city is driven by country, and is the home to many of its most famous performers. The city is full of the most legendary recording studios in the business, and to those hoping to make it in the country music business, Nashville is almost always the goal.

Approximately 650,000 people live in Nashville. In addition to music, health care, publishing, education and other industries are important to the city's economy. The city is home to two large Universities and several smaller educational institutions. Tennessee State is home to about 10,000 students, and Vanderbilt enrolls more than 12,000.
Nashville TN

Finding a Nashville Apartment

When to search

Nashville doesn't have a high and low season for apartment rentals as extreme as some other cities. In general, there will be more apartments available during the summer months. However, there might also be more people competing for those apartments, which makes aiming your search at the earlier portion of the season wise.

Staying in the know

Realistically, if you're not in school or employed you will have difficulty renting an apartment. You should also be prepared to share the specifics of your education or employment situation with a landlord. They will likely want to know where you're going to school or working before renting to you.

Surrounding Neighborhoods


With three major interstates that run through the city, most people consider car the fastest way to get around Nashville. However, the Nashville MTA bus service offers excellent routes downtown, and works very well for people commuting within the city center. For those with a longer ride, the Music City Star is a commuter train that runs on weekdays.

Where to play

Entertainment in Nashville is centered on music. The Country Music Hall of Fame is a great way to get introduced the history of the music and the city. Attending the Grand Ole Opry is a way to be a part of country music history firsthand. The Mall at Green Hills provides a high end shopping experience where you can occasionally sport a country music superstar. Yazoo is the largest local craft brewer, and is well worth a visit. Most of the bars in the city feature frequent live music.