Baker College Of Muskegon:
A Local Perspective

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Muskegon and Milwaukee sit almost exactly opposite each other on Lake Michigan. I’m glad that someone besides me noticed this, because whoever it was created a ferry system that connects the two cities. From spring to fall anyone can ride this boat (and bring along their bike or car if they so choose), and make the commute in just a few hours. As for local transit, Muskegon has its own transportation company, the Muskegon Area Transit System, that blankets the area with bus coverage and helps students commute to Baker every day. Muskegon has the unfortunate distinction of being listed on Neighborhood Scout’s annual top 100 list of the country’s most dangerous places. The crime rate is almost double the Michigan and US averages, and has assault and burglary rates that are around three times higher than average. I’m not going to sugarcoat this; there are definitely some parts of Muskegon that students should avoid like a bad rash. But just like there are streets to steer away from, there are also streets that I would highly recommend living on, and would feel safe walking at night. It all hinges on location here.


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