University of Montevallo:
A Local Perspective

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The University of Montevallo offers little to no public transportation services to its students. Every other week they run a shuttle to a local mall, but that’s about the extent of it. But what they lack in conventional transit options like shuttles and buses they make up for with a terrific bike-share program.The university partnered up with the city of Montevallo to create the program, which allows city residents and students to rent a bicycle for as cheap as $2 per month. The school’s campus is very small, so it’s viable to just use a bike to get around from class to class. And if your off-campus pad is close enough, you can use a bike to commute every day. Montevallo holds the distinction of being the only public liberal arts college in the state. Because of this, the school has a completely unique student body that you wouldn’t be able to find at many Alabama schools. Montevallo students are usually more involved in art than most, and are creative types. With just under 3,000 students, Montevallo is a very small school. This can often be beneficial; it’s easier to get to know fellow students who can become roommates. However, it’s detrimental when it comes to the local apartment market. Larger schools demand more rental opportunities, but at smaller schools like Montevallo you won’t have as much of a selection.


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