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A Minneapolis Neighborhood


Opinions about the origin of Dinkytown’s name vary. Is it a rough translation of “Grodnik,” the name of a long-ago owner of the building that currently houses Loring Pasta Bar? (In Polish, "Grod" = town, and “nik” is a diminutive.) Is it a reference to the steam trolleys, often called “dinkies,” that pulled flour and lumber through the city in the early 20th century? Or does it have to do with the small, self-contained character of the place? One thing’s for certain: Dinkytown is walkable. Seconds from the University of Minnesota’s East Bank campus, the area is student-dominated, with a wide range of cafes and iconic local restaurants, like Al’s Breakfast and Annie’s Parlour. Historically, the area has been a hotbed of student activism and off-campus life, and the housing options reflect a wide range of student-oriented properties, with luxury complexes and co-ops dominating the scene.


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