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A Milwaukee Neighborhood


Milwaukee's Brady Street neighborhood, located on the city's lower East Side, is an urban oasis with artistic flair. Nestled between the bustling streets of downtown and the scenic shorelines of Lake Michigan, this neighborhood is a local hot spot of activity. Whether you're searching for a great cup of coffee on your way to work or your new favorite restaurant, this neighborhood delivers.

The Brady Street neighborhood is emerging as an up-and-coming location for young professionals, who are attracted to the unique lifestyle in this small pocket of the city. The neighborhood's booming nightlife attracts new residents and businesses to the area, but the charming storefronts and quaint sidewalk patios, makes it a wonderful place for family living.

The neighborhood's proximity to beaches, nature trails and Milwaukee's world-famous festivals keeps the area vibrant and full of life. The residents of the Brady Street neighborhood love the area so much, they throw a block party called Brady St. Festival each summer to celebrate their sense of community and contributions to Milwaukee.

One such contribution is Cempazuchi, an authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the Brady Street neighborhood. With its fun and colorfully animated atmosphere, Cempazuchi has created a reputation for delectable food and artfully crafted margaritas. Its appeal is so widely recognized, that the Travel Channel recently featured this neighborhood gem on its popular program, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

This neighborhood also boasts a staggering number of locally owned businesses, including organic markets, yoga studios, and art galleries; all adding a touch of small-town living to this metropolitan area.

Milwaukee's Brady Street neighborhood truly has something for everyone. From the recent college graduate, to the young newlywed couple, to the growing family- this area is a great place to live, work and enjoy life.


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