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A Milwaukee Neighborhood


It’s a cliché for a neighborhood to say it feels like a “city within a city,” but in Milwaukee’s case there may be no better example that proves the cliché true than Bay View.

Residents of the area will say they live in Bay View before they say Milwaukee. That isn’t a knock on Milwaukee; it just shows the resident’s enormous pride of the area’s uniqueness. The iconic arches of the Hoan Bridge on I-794 symbolizes that you’re leaving downtown and about to enter Bay View.

So what makes Bay View different? It’s a combination of historical and hipster, urban and open green space, family friendly and singles. It’s an old immigrant neighborhood on Milwaukee’s south side that has seen a revival in the last 10-15 years as an eclectic alchemy of young and old.

“I love the mix of old and new in Bay View,” said a friend who lives in Bay View. “On the same street you can visit a Vietnamese restaurant, old school barber shops and the Brass Rooster, which is new but harkens back to a time when any respectable man wouldn't have dreamed of stepping outdoors without his hat.”

Indeed, Bay View has newer bars, coffee shops and restaurants clustered around Kinnickinnic Avenue that feel like they’ve been part of the fabric of the city forever. These include Café Centraal, Burnhearts, Lulu’s, Honeypie, Anodyne Coffee, Sugar Maple and Palm Tavern.

Bay View also has no shortage of outdoor options. South Shore Park brings people together for the farmers market and walkers, runners and bikers to traverse the Oak Leaf Trail alongside Lake Michigan. The sprawling Humbolt Park is akin to Central Park for Bay View residents, offering outdoor concerts like Chill on the Hill and in the past hosted New Belgium’s Tour de Fat.


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