Orange County Community College:
A Local Perspective

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There are all kinds of special events going on at OCCC, the North East Watercolor Society 2013 Members are having a show on campus in Feb 2013. You can also see many one-act plays, and special plays put on by local talent.Orange county holds a farmer’s market year round, so you can get produce even when it’s cold out. They even have a Groundhog Day celebration every year at Bear Mountain not far from Middletown. On this medium-sized campus there is a total of 5,671 undergrads seeking higher education. The gender breakdown is as follows 57% are women and 43% are men. The racial breakdown is mixed with 66% being Caucasian, 15% being Hispanic and 10% are African American. The town itself has similar statistics, 69% are Caucasian, 25% are Hispanic and 14% are African American. The town has a little over 25,000 people in it - not a small town but not a booming metropolis either. The median age in Middletown is right in the middle - age 33. How fitting.


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