North Central State College:
A Local Perspective

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North Central State College (NCSC) actually shares a campus with Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus. This helps out students in a major way when they’re looking for off-campus housing. For one, Mansfield isn’t a large city, and therefore doesn’t have as many rentals as a larger city would. But with two colleges, local landlords know that students at these schools will want to rent in the area. Also, NCSC students can buddy up with OSU students and find housing together--it’s easier to pay a higher rent if you have a roommate or two to split it with. Summers in Mansfield are contently warm, and rarely hot: there are only around five days every year where the temperature rises above 90. Summer temperatures typically stay in the 70s or 80s on warmer days. The annual snowfall is around 50 inches, which is less than the snowfall in southern Ohio because Lake Erie is to the north. The snow falls the heaviest in January (one out of every three days), and February, but in the other winter months there’s only 3-5 days of snow every year. The temperature lows in the winter range from the teens in January to the 30s in the milder November and March.


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