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A Madison Neighborhood


Culminating in the Hilldale outdoor shopping center, the Midvale area is a short ride down University Avenue from downtown Madison.

Just north of Verona, Midvale is one of the more popular areas on the west end, providing a comfortable living environment for all sorts of people. Young families, professionals, graduate students and retirees all consider Midvale and the west end home.

The Hilldale mall has something for everyone, whether you want to shop at traditional stores or catch a movie. The Sundance Cinemas present a unique viewing experience with stadium seating and home-theater feel by selling craft beer and freshly made popcorn. It feels less like going to chain theater and more like you are getting something special with your viewing. Metcalfe’s market has been local to Madison since 1917 and offers some of the best local shopping in the city. Situated across from a Super Target and Fleming’s steakhouse, Midvale residents have their own slice of heaven.

Midvale being the little area between Middleton and downtown Madison, rental prices tend to vary, especially with the variety of people living in the area. A graduate student looking to live a little further off campus can find a place for cheap while a family moving to the area can find a top-notch neighborhood worth a little extra. Midvale is relative to what a renter or buyer is looking for, but we assure you that it can be found in this area.

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