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A Madison Neighborhood


The Bassett Neighborhood is a tale of two distinct neighborhoods grouped into one.

Everything north of W. Washington Ave including W. Mifflin St. (known for its infamous Mifflin Street Block Party), is dominated by UW undergraduate students.

Though less raucous than its State-Langdon neighborhood counterpart, this areas close proximity to campus and history as a hub of UW student activity make it a strong student encampment.

However, as you move away from the UW campus and toward the Capitol or Lake Monona this neighborhood turns from a Big10 neighborhood into a more typical Madison one, with a mix of older houses (some in decent shape, some not so much) and apartment buildings that range from high-end luxury to cheap studio apartments.

As a result, wide swaths of different people call the southern part of this neighborhood home, from students to professionals to hippies to seniors.

People of all shapes and sizes agree on the Bassett Neighborhood's greatest advantage: being within walking distance to all of downtown Madison.

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