Madonna University:
A Local Perspective

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Madonna University doesn’t provide any transportation, therefore taxis and carpooling are your best bets for getting around. The campus is fairly isolated, so cars are necessary. Unless you’re over 60 years old, the city of Livonia doesn’t provide any transportation either. For this reason, just about all students drive their own cars. About a half hour from Detroit depending on traffic, many commute to the city for work. Detroit traffic, when compared to areas like Chicago, has light traffic. A high number of men living in Livonia are in the Transportation of equipment industry, at about 20%, while 8% or so work as engineers. About 30% of women work in either education or healthcare, though there are many who work in offices as well. The majority of Livonia residents don’t carpool, and the majority take between 20-40 minutes to commute to work. However, as previously stated, the traffic in this region is not particularly bad, though those commuting to downtown Ann Arbor might feel differently.


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